Harland Miller – New Deckchairs 2016 *SOLD*

Harland Miller - 6 New Deckchairs - 2016  SOLD OUT

Harland Miller - 6 New Deckchairs - 2016Too Cool to Die
I Can Can I
Death, What's In It For Me?
What's All The Hubbub Bub?
If The Phone Don't Ring, It's Me
International Lonely Guy, My Story

Medium: Deckchair, Merpauh wood treated with teak oil, Polyester and cotton mix canvas
Seated position, width x length: 590 x 953 mm (23 x 37 inches)
Laid flat position, width x length: 534 x 1310 mm (51 x 23 inches)
Edition of 500
Price per deckchair: £400

These Harland Miller deckchairs are available at Other Criteria (business stopped)

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