Hiraki Sawa print ‘Aurora’ *SOLD*

Hiraki Sawa, Aurora, 2013.  SOLD OUT

Hiraki Sawa, Aurora, 2013.Hiraki Sawa created this lenticular print in collaboration with DCA Print Studio for his solo exhibition Lenticular at DCA in 2013. It reflects his experience when filming aurora in freezing temperatures at Yellowknife in the far Northwest Territories, Canada. Sawa uses videos and animations to describe strange worlds in which familiar objects perform unbelievable, beautiful acts. His work relates to ideas of time and motion, dislocation and displacement.

Aurora, a study of the natural light-display, came out of Sawa's 2012-13 journey across the far north of North America, funded by the Gotoh Memorial Foundation. It was first realised as a video work, from which 18 separate photographic images have been digitally merged and vertically mirrored to recreate the phenomena in a spectacular way for this lenticular print.

Medium: Archival digital print with lenticular overlay
Size: 20.5 x 20.5 cm
Edition of 18
Printed at DCA Print Studio
Signed and numbered
£250 (inc. VAT, unframed)

This limited edition Hiraki Sawa print is available at Dundee Contemporary Arts