Iñaki Bonillas prints ‘Transparencies’

Iñaki Bonillas, Transparencies, 2014. 

Iñaki Bonillas, Transparencies, 2014.The new Printed Matter fundraising edition, titled Transparencies, is created by Iñaki Bonillas and features a set of 6 silk-screens printed double-sided on semitransparent paper. Borrowing images from source books on 16th and 17th Century painting, the black and white prints replicate the curious effect whereby an image from the reverse side of a page inadvertently shows through the artwork at hand. Taken from well and lesser known Renaissance works, the prints show paired scenes of domestic life – embracing couples, decorative glasses, details of hands – as well as still-lifes and country landscapes. As though uncovered by radiograph, each image gives way a second buried work that suggests a deeper meaning.

Medium: 6 silk-screens printed double-sided on semitransparent paper, with each set presented in a custom made folio,
Size: 38 × 55 cm,
Edition of 20 + 5 AP,
Signed and numbered certificate,
Set Price: $900

These Iñaki Bonillas prints are available at the Material Art Fair or through Printed Matter. This work was published with the assistance of Productora and Taller de Comunicación Gráfica.