Jane and Louise Wilson print – “False Positive, False Negative” – Out Now

Jane & Louise Wilson, 'False Positive, False Negative' 2012.

Jane & Louise Wilson, False Positive, False Negative, 2012Dundee Contemporary Arts presents a brand new edition by Jane & Louise Wilson at The Multiplied Fair. This special edition focuses on events that took place in the United Arab Emirates in January 2010 when Hamas operative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was assassinated in a hotel room in Dubai. Comprehensive CCTV footage of the victim and the perpetrators in the hours leading up to the murder was posted on YouTube and watched by millions of people. This material was compiled and edited by the Dubai state police, using face recognition technology to identify the subjects. The only space not captured on CCTV was Room 230, the site of the murder itself.

Jane and Louise Wilson filmed on location at the Al Bustan Rotanna Hotel in Dubai using specialist lenses and extreme close-ups to detail the architecture and interiors of the hotel. Their related series of work is a forensically detailed study in which the artists appear with patterns reminiscent of primitive masks painted onto their faces: dazzle camouflage designed to scramble the technology used in face recognition.

These uncanny yet beautiful prints are activated by the viewer’s movement, triggering the appearance of ghostly figures, materialising then merging, shifting perceptions of what is visible within the faces and revealing the CCTV evidence beneath.

Medium: Screen print on mirrored acrylic
Size: 65 x 96.5cm
Edition: 20
Signed and numbered
Price : £2,500 plus VAT (includes frame)

This limited edition Jane and Louise Wilson print is available at DCA