Jeff Koons sculpture – Diamond (Red)

Jeff Koons - Diamond (Red) - 2020

Jeff Koons - Diamond (Red) - 2020Diamond (Red), 2020 is a limited edition by Jeff Koons that transforms his monumental Celebration sculpture into Limoges porcelain.

Diamond is part of Koons’s iconic Celebration series, conceived in 1994, that consists of sixteen paintings and twenty large-scale sculptures. The original 7-foot long Diamond (1994-2005) was created in five unique colors (green, pink, blue, yellow, and red) in mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating.

The reflective surface of Diamond is a reoccurring element within Koons’s œuvre that spans over four decades beginning with the readymade mirrors in the Inflatable series from the late 1970s. Through highly reflective surfaces, Koons’s artworks interact with their environment but also the viewer continuing to change and evolve in each unique setting.

Medium: French Limoges porcelain with chromatic coating
Size:  31.8 x 39.3 x 32 cm
Edition of 599

Signed and numbered
Price on request

This limited edition Jeff Koons sculpture is available at New Art Editions

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