Jeff Wall – Band and Crowd (detail)

Jeff Wall - Band and Crowd (detail) 2011/2019

Jeff Wall - Band and Crowd (detail) 2011/2019Jeff Wall’s work synthesizes the essentials of photography with elements from other art forms—including painting, cinema, and literature—in a complex mode that he calls “cinematography.” His pictures range from classical reportage to elaborate constructions and montages, usually produced at the larger scale traditionally identified with painting.

This stunning special edition of only 25 copies worldwide hand-signed and numbered by the artist depicts a detail of Jeff Wall's iconic color photo "Band and Crowd" (2011) which is part of the Broad Collection. Bringing the photo and music of the band GSTS back together on a record is a completely new approach to the artist's work. A must have ...

Medium: 1 x 12 inch 180 g heavyweight picture vinyl, on 2C screen printed beige museums cardboard, black wooden frame with acrylic glass (97% uv protection), 4-track LP with music by GSTS and an interview with the artist, In transparent plastic bag and black maxi sleeve
Frame size: 40 x 50 cm
Edition of 25
Hand signed and numbered by the artist
Special launch price: € 800

This special edition is available to order now, exclusively from Brigade Commerz in cooperation with New Art Editions

Jeff Wall - Band and Crowd - 2011 (color photograph - 234.95 x 428.63 x 5.08 cm. Broad Collection. © Jeff Wall)