Jesse Wine – Homework

Jesse Wine - Homework - 2018

Jesse Wine - Homework - 2018Jesse Wine was awarded the Camden Arts Centre Ceramics Fellowship 2013-14. Wine’s work stems from a fascination with objects and materials. Working primarily with ceramics, he is interested in the philosophy of copying, setting aside the pressure to continually break new ground to embrace the rich tradition of learning through making.

''Making things is a strange exercise, there is always a fundamental goal relative to the imagined result. Abandoning this goal is often the key to unlocking something interesting in the creative process. With art it’s almost as if doing things the wrong way retains the identity of the artist within a work. I think it’s this human error, a Chinese whisper that exists in what I do that keeps me involved. The outcome is absolutely never what I set out to do, even when I stick to the rules completely.'' - Jesse Wine

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 22 x 15 x 4 cm (variable)
Edition of 9 each unique
Price: £450

This limited edition Jesse Wine sculpture is available at Camden Arts Centre

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