Jessica Stockholder ‘Two and Fro’

Jessica Stockholder, Two and Fro, 2015

Jessica Stockholder, Two and Fro, 2015Jessica Stockholder paints in space. With a practice rooted in installation art, she combines objects to make new forms like a sculptor – yet uses color and composition like a painter. She creates narratives and moments of magic by forging delicate relationships between the objects that compose her work. In Two and Fro, for example, stories emerge as the result of a simple juxtaposition. Stockholder brings together two common objects, a pair of car side-view mirrors, facing each other. One is displaced onto a “pop-art” zigzagging metal mesh plate, so that it faces the other with a warped perspective. The stories slowly begin to unfold in one’s imagination: now in close proximity, the mirrors allude to the absence of the car that usually separates them: a crash? Each mirror is printed with a dot of color that   resembles an eye in a cubist painting. Two eyes look into each other, they almost touch, opening up a world of reflective infinity.

Medium: Metal, car side-view mirrors, industrial color paint
Size: 10 3/4 x 18 inches, approximately
Edition of 20
Price: $5,000

This limited edition is available at ICI