Johannes Albers – Johannes Albers, Healing, 2010. – *SOLD*

Johannes Albers, Healing, 2010.   SOLD OUT
Johannes Albers, Healing, 2010.Johannes Albers’ Healing snow shaker is a multiple produced in association with the artist’s trilogy of exhibitions, Crisis, End and Healing (September 2010).

‘Healing’ attempts to redress the balance, to reevaluate and simplify the riddle of contemporary art. The snow shaker symbolizes the time and the waiting we need to make things better.

Johannes Albers is not one of the most well known contemporary artist, but I'm blogging this edition because I really have fallen in love with it.

Medium: Perspex, miniature street lamp, battery for lamp, artificial snow, water
Size: 152 x 140 x 140 mm
Edition: 100

You can order this limited art edition at Other Criteria (business stopped)