Jonas Wood – Jungle Rug

Jonas Wood - Jungle Rug - 2022

This is Wood’s third rug with BravinLee editions. The pattern is based on a shower curtain that the artist grew up with. This same image also appears in a large-scale painting, drawing and etching. In this rug, the mark making used in the etching process is translated into hemp, wool and silk.
Jungle Rug is made from hand-spun wool, silk, and hemp.  The background is 100% natural hemp and the motif is a mix of black wool and silk with over 1.15 million knots.  Whereas most carpets are washed with toxic chemicals, BravinLee carpets are made with environmentally friendly dyes and washed with only soap and water.

Jonas Wood - Jungle Rug - 2022Medium: 100 knots/sq in, hemp, wool and silk; sustainably hand-knotted in Nepal by artisan weavers
Size: 120 x 96 inches (305 x 244 cm)
Edition of 30 + 4 AP
Price: TBC

This limited edition Jonas Wood work is available at BravinLee.