Josh Smith – Bonner Kunstverein

Josh Smith, Untitled, 2016

Josh Smith, Untitled, 2016Bonner Kunstverein announces an exhibition of new paintings and ceramics by the American artist Josh Smith. Drawing upon a broad range of traditions in painting, both figurative and abstract, Josh Smith’s output is diverse whist remaining stylistically distinct. His fluid, dynamic compositions are characterised by their expressive brushstrokes, calligraphic line and intensity of colour. This latest body of work comprises both abstract and representational paintings in two distinct groups that were developed at the same time. They will be presented together with over 60 small ceramic sculptures that were made over the past two years. Representing a broad range of subjects that encompass both the familiar and prosaic as well as the exotic and macabre these sculptures include studies of leaves, armadillos, palm trees, volcanoes, swamps, basketballs, bottles of vodka and anti-freeze, severed hands and internal organs. This is Smith’s first solo exhibition in Germany

Medium: Acrylic silkscreen on Stonehenge paper
Size: 56.5 x 45.7 cm
Edition of 26
Signed and numbered
Price: €500

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