Julian Charrière – Tropisme *SOLD*

Julian Charrière - Tropisme, 2015  SOLD OUT

Julian Charrière - Tropisme, 2015Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is delighted to present Julian Charrière: For They That Sow the Wind, a first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom for this French-Swiss artist. It includes sculpture, documented performance, installations, photographs and film.

Charrière is a conceptual artist whose activities and interventions during the first decade of his career have taken him to some of the remotest regions of the planet, researching geology, biology, physics, history and archaeology. Much of his work is concerned with time, the continuous cycle of past, present and future, as well as sudden and gradual physical transformations that have occurred naturally or due to human activity. Creating works while exploring ecological and environmental issues in specific locations, Charrière examines how humanity interrelates with the natural order. A significant part of his oeuvre to date has led him to scrutinize the actual and dominant demands for technological advances, most of which depend on further depleting the Earth's natural resources and have vast implications for the future of our ecological systems.

Julian Charrière has generously donated this extraordinary rotogravure engraving on handmade paper, produced in a small edition of 25 prints. The engraving was produced from a photograph of Charrière's installation Tropisme, which features in the exhibition.

The installation is a series of refrigerated showcases containing plants entombed within a sheath of ice. Each plant is held in stasis, in a state between life and death, so that it might be preserved indefinitely. Because they are preserved in suspended animation by human interaction, the plants will remain "immortal" for only as long as electricity is supplied to the refrigeration units. Charrière therefore refers to them as "living fossils".

Medium: Rotogravure on Zerkall hand-made paper 340gsm
Size: 55 x 40 cm (19½ in x 15¾ in)
Edition of 25,
Signed, numbered and dated
Price: £265 SOLD OUT

This Julian Charrière limited edition print is avialble at the Parasol Unit