Katharina Grosse – Untitled (TzK)

Katharina Grosse - Untitled - 2018  SOLD OUT

Katharina Grosse - Untitled - 2018Few artists in the last 30 years have explored and reimagined the medium of painting with as much color and exuberance as Katharina Grosse. In Grosse’s work, many of the most coveted pieties of what painting is, or what for many it could never be, are challenged in appeals to sensibility and analysis; or, sensibility as analysis. For Grosse, the belief that painting precludes corporeal interaction has been debunked time and again through her trademark installations of pigment and constructions that allow viewers to move and see simultaneously, for the bodily and optical registers to be in permanent dialogue with one another.

Grosse’s investigation of the restlessness between the projected and real spaces of painting has also been accomplished on her canvases. In this more classical form, the tension between what we see and what we imagine is negotiated with a stricter adherence to the two-dimensional support as backdrop for Grosse’s choreography of the endless dance between fact and figment. Surface is thus both a material ground and a screen for projection, and in layering, the supposedly stable base of painting can become a virtual house of cards, where we cannot be sure what is on top of what, where things begin and where they end. In Grosse’s Untitled edition, this to and fro is achieved with an intelligence that can only be described as visual. Produced via myriad color inversions, Grosse’s Ditone print reorganizes the entire matrix of her work to assert the permanent play of layered surfaces, both real and imagined.

Medium: Ditone Print
Size: 45 x 28.5 cm
Edition of 100 + 20 AP
Signed on the front and numbered on the back
Price: € 350  SOLD OUT

This limited edition Katharina Grosse print is available at Texte zur Kunst

Yngve Holen - Domesticated Lug Nut - 2018

Yngve Holen - Domesticated Lug Nut - 2018Made for securing luxury wheels to luxury axels, the Range Rover lug nuts used in this edition, are presented here having been “domesticated” as art. To do this, Yngve Holen has fitted each piece with a high-strength magnet – all the better for tacking paper to fridge? Perhaps, but collector beware. In the hand, these nuts feel heavy, powerful even; and indeed, a single piece can warp the directional sensors of everyday electronics.

Such acts of displacement and hacking are common in Holen’s practice and high-end industrial and consumer products are too. Yet it is more the vibration between hospitality and hostility that is at the core of Holen’s work. Take, for example, the 2016 work featuring a Porsche Panamera that Holen quartered with diamond-wire, displaying the sections like a brain prepped for the lab; or the state-of-the-art CT body scanner covers he suited in fetishy nylon mesh. The historical avant-gardist play with the readymade seems near – divesting the object of its initial function yet showing how much more meaning these items are capable of producing beyond the operation for which they were conceived. Here, Holen‘s „domesticated lug-nut“ literally attracts even as it plays with registers of physical stability and symbolic desire.

Medium: Laser-engraved lug nut magnet
Height: 4.3 cm. Diameter: 3.2 cm
Edition: 60 + 20 AP
Numbered and signed on the lug nut (engraving)
Price: € 350

This limited edition Katharina Grosse print is available at Texte zur Kunst