Keith Coventry ‘Aylesbury Estate’

Keith Coventry, Aylesbury Estate, 2014

Keith Coventry, Aylesbury Estate, 2014Published to coincide with the display of one of his celebrated Estate Paintings, both the print and the painting will be on display at the gallery at Shapero Modern. The painting will be sold to raise funds to develop the programmes offered by TURPS, including a new scholarship and residency fund.

Established in 2012 by Marcus Harvey and Peter Ashton Jones, the TURPS Art School is unique in that it is wholly artist-led, totally independent and, most important of all, focusesexclusively on painting.

Coventry’s Estate Paintings, examples of which are owned by many major museums, including Tate Modern, look like homages to Kasimir Malevich’s suprematist masterpieces, however the simple, geometric shapes, are in fact replicas of the maps showing the layout of buildings found outside British public housing estates.

Medium: Screenprint,
Size sheet: 54 x 42 cm,
Size image: 46 x 35 cm,
Edition of 50,
Signed and numbered,
Price: : £450 (excl. VAT, unframed)
10% of proceeds to be donated to TURPS

This limited edition Keith Coventry print is available at Shapero Modern

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