Laure Prouvost Whisky and Print – ‘Ideally This Will Make You Forget’ *UNAVAILABLE*

Laure Prouvost,  Ideally This Will Make You Forget, 2013.  UNAVAILABLE

Laure Prouvost, Ideally This Will Make You Forget, 2013. (Bottle)Laure Prouvost, Ideally This Will Make You Forget, 2013. (Box)

The work is the world's first piece of multimedia installation art-whisky and possibly the first time those words have been assembled into a single sentence. The multi-faceted work incorporates an exclusive etching in the format of Prouvosts' signature signage works. The sign reads 'PLEASE SIT HERE TO DROWN YOUR SORROW', depending on your personal situation this could be read in a variety of different ways. This piece naturally postures towards a small walnut cupboard, finished in beautiful dove tail joints and brass fittings, an inscription states 'IN SIDE IS A GATHERING SORROW'.

The cabinet does not open at the 'SIDE' but at the front, an obvious misspelling but when read aloud, it makes no difference. Was the cabinet maker drunk? Or did they miss-hear the artist's instructions? Regardless you must be intrigued by this gathering of drowning sorrow that is promised by the cupboard. The cupboard hand-made in solid black walnut is seductive as is the language that adorns the wood. Upon opening the door with a snap of the brass latch you will find a 70cl bottle of single malts Scotch whisky, it is 21 years old from the distillery of Auchentoshan and limited to just 35 bottles. For such a special bottling it is unusual to encounter such a no frills label design. Again a hand embossed etching, this simple black with white text reads 'IDEALLY THIS WILL MAKE YOU FORGET', forget what? You may ask. That is entirely up to each individual to ponder, the dilemma begins to emerge whether to open this exquisite whisky and take a sip, and whether doing so will devalue the work or enrich it?

The entire experience will be complete, but only when you also play the audio cd that accompanies the work attached to the inside of the cupboard door. You are challenged to complete the work and document this experience, M<A<M would be delighted if you take the plunge and share this back with them.

Currently living and working in London, Laure Prouvost recently become the winner of the 2013 Turner Prize, one of Europe's most prestigious art awards. Prior to this she has exhibited in the 12th Biennale de Lyon and in 2012 she was the recipient of the Max Mara prize for women at the Whitechapel gallery in London.

Laure Prouvost, Ideally This Will Make You Forget, 2013. (Print)Whisky: Auchentoshan 1992, second maturation in a sherry infused octave and bottled aged 21 years at 45.8% exclusively for the artist
Box with inscription "IN SIDE THERE IS A GATHERING OF DROWNING SORROW" hand made by British designer Greg Cox in solid black walnut.

Accompanying print, copper plate etching with embossing on 330gsm Somerset velvet radiant white paper (Printed by Poligrafa)
Size: 59.4cm x 45cm
Edition: 35
Price: £3,000

All bottles and prints are signed and numbered by Prouvost and were available at McLeans Artist Malts (edit: company no longer in business)