Lawrence Abu Hamdan – Earwitness Inventory Chisenhale *SOLD*

Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Earwitness Inventory Chisenhale 2018 - 2018  SOLD OUT

Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Earwitness Inventory Chisenhale 2018 - 2018To accompany his new commission, Earwitness Theatre, Abu Hamdan has produced a special limited edition titled, Earwitness Inventory Chisenhale 2018. The text-based, lithograph print comprises an alphabetical index of objects that are included in Earwitness Inventory, his work presented at Chisenhale Gallery. The installation comprises a sound effects library of objects accumulated by Abu Hamdan. The objects are derived from legal cases in which sonic evidence is contested and acoustic memories need to be retrieved; and includes pinecones, cannelloni pasta, unwound video tape, a selection of shoes and a series of customised door instruments. This inventory of objects generates sounds that have been specifically used to develop and refine earwitness testimony techniques.

Appearing almost as an absurd poem, Earwitness Inventory Chisenhale 2018 conjures the sounds made through the words describing the objects. As such, the edition continues Abu Hamdan’s interest in examining the role of artifice, illusion and creative labour in the construction of evidence and the specific truth that artists, and art work, can produce.

Medium: Lithograph on Silk Weave 270gsm
Size: 21 x 59.5 cm

Edition of 45
Signed and numbered
Special launch price: £215 (unframed)  SOLD OUT
Chisenhale Friends’ price: £194 (unframed)   SOLD OUT

This limited edition Lawrence Abu Hamdan print is available at Chisenhale Gallery