Chisenhale Gallery: Lubaina Himid, Helen Marten, David Noonan and Caragh Thuring

New Chisenhale Gallery Editions

The Archive Editions series comprises new limited edition works, kindly donated by artists who have participated in Chisenhale Gallery’s historic exhibitions programme. Funds raised from the sales of these works contribute to the gallery’s artistic programme and support the next generation of pioneering artists.

These limited edition works by Lubaina HimidHelen Marten, David Noonan and Caragh Thuring are available at Chisenhale Gallery

Lubaina Himid - The sweet sharp taste of limes - 2018

Lubaina Himid - The sweet sharp taste of limes - 2018Himid’s new edition for Chisenhale Gallery, The sweet sharp taste of limes (2018), forms part of her kanga series and continues her interest in textiles from East Africa. The kanga is a multi-coloured fabric often designed with a patterned border and a motto and is worn by women and occasionally men from the region. As the daughter of a textile designer from Zanzibar, Himid’s personal history is ever-present in this body of work. Comprising vibrant colours, patterns and botanical elements this new edition includes a quote from a love poem by Audre Lorde which also forms the title of the work. Through combining poetry and kanga motifs, the edition becomes the starting point for a dialogue between personhood and ownership, reflecting on post-colonial representation and the resonance of black history.

Medium: Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag
Size: 64 x 45 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Special launch price: £500 (unframed)
Chisenhale Friends’ price: £450 (unframed)

Helen Marten - Low Temperature Civics - 2018

Helen Marten - Low Temperature Civics - 2018Exclusively produced for Chisenhale Gallery, Low Temperature Civics continues Marten’s exploration of the lexicon of materiality and imagery. A careful assemblage of entirely hand crafted elements, Low Temperature Civics initially appears as a compressed archaeology of familiar words, images and things, only to become an allegory of the real, the artificial and the poetic.

“Candle wax might be analogous to the cruel plastic skin of humans: every second it is lit, it grows fundamentally shorter, it wilts, softens and eventually puddles out. 

The light of a candle flame is hot and fleeting. It illuminates, but is a paradox in the sense of destroying the medium which facilitates its glow. 

Bronze is a heavy weight, literally heavyweight. It is an alloy and contains phosphorus, the same material used on the tip of a match head. Bronze is dense, a dumb weight, and yet it can be polished to a shine: it is light, a bright metal.

A handled golf ball carries the smudged thumb print of its player. It’s disappearance out across space is tied to forensic evidence. The elastic tendencies of its making allow for abuse: it can be pummelled, bounced, smashed across greens. A ball may be lost forever or plot competing vectors until it cracks and is thrown away. 

The egg, approximate in size and shade, is a contradictory form. If pinched too hard, if dropped or damaged it spills forth a cool bright yolk saturated with colour and protein. The egg is a life appendage, a still life, but equally life stilled: a death signifier. 

A jug can be full. A jug can be empty. It’s basic volume carries intrinsic metaphor; it is a litmus test, a vessel, a portent to attitude. 

These competitive rhythms of structural irony are ones that might be considered applicable to the crazed tilt of the world’s current affairs: that one metaphorical weight, one linguistic utterance barely balances another before the sum total falls once again into disarray. “
- Helen Marten, 2018

Medium: Resin, Jesmonite, hemp candle wick, patinated bronze, iron, Biro ink, newspaper crossword, powder coated steel
Dimensions: 60 x 43 x 12 cm (Dimensions variable)
Each edition is unique and handmade by the artist
Edition of 12
Special launch price: £15,000

David Noonan - Untitled - 2018

David Noonan - Untitled - 2018For his limited edition artwork, Noonan has produced a photomontage using found imagery. Often working with multi-layered and monochromatic compositions, Noonan’s work ranges from silkscreen tableaux to film and installation. Experimenting with a rich collection of materials, Noonan creates dramatic and complex scenes, merging social rituals with geometric shapes.

Noonan’s edition, Untitled, marks the ten-year anniversary of his 2008 Chisenhale Gallery commission, Senses. Produced as a photo etching, the edition continues Noonan’s interest in opacity and masks, referencing face painting as a representation of transformation. Building on the tension between two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, the work explores abstraction through an overlay of found figurative elements. With the imagery appearing distorted and melancholic, Untitled echoes a theatrical atmosphere where realism and mystery align.

Medium: Photo etching on Somerset 300gsm
Size: 72.5 x 57 cm
Edition of 45
Signed and numbered
David Noonan’s Edition is supported by Worton Hall Studios.
Price: £450 (unframed)
Chisenhale Gallery Friends’ price: £405 (unframed)

Caragh Thuring - Snake Wall - 2018

Caragh Thuring - Snake Wall - 2018Thuring’s new edition for Chisenhale Gallery, Snake Wall, 2018, comprises a silhouette of a submarine, hand painted by the artist onto a bespoke woven fabric. The brick design of the cloth is a digital reworking by Thuring of an earlier painting, Brick Lady (2013) reconstructed on a loom. With image built into the surface before paint is added, the fabric wraps around the stretchers’ edge, further acknowledging the edition’s three-dimensional presence. The submarine is disruptive and mysterious, alluding to what is beyond but can’t fully be seen or understood. As such, Snake Wall becomes an incomplete story, with an enigmatic logic.

Medium: Gouache on bespoke woven linen and cotton
Size: 40.7 x 30.5 x 3.2 cm
Each edition is unique and handmade by the artist
Edition of 8
Special launch price: £4,850 (unframed)

These limited edition works by Lubaina Himid,Helen Marten, David Noonan and Caragh Thuring are available at Chisenhale Gallery