Magnum Square Print Sale – On The Horizon *EXPIRED*

Magnum Square Print Sale - On The Horizon EXPIRED

Alec Soth - Bogotá, Colombia - 2008Horizons are where the finite meets the infinite; a site of endings and beginnings, anticipation, and transformation. The October Square Print Sale: On the Horizon features over 110 photographers and artists invited by Magnum Photos and Aperture to contribute images that explore the edges of photographic practice, push the boundaries of what we know and see, and embrace the unknown. Artists include Alec Soth (pictured) Nan Goldin, William Wegman, Don McCullin, Joey Meyerowitz, Laurie Simmons, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Todd Hido and many more...!

For one week only, you can collect these signed or estate-stamped, 6-by-6-inch, museum-quality images, exceptionally priced at just $100+tax / £100 including tax / €110 including tax. No sales tax will be charged for international orders outside of the EU & UK. However, any order delivered to an address outside of the USA, the EU and UK will be subject to customs and import duties.

The prints are only available for purchase between October 18th and October 24th 11:59 PST from Magnum 

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