Marcus Brutus – Li Dous Konsa

Centered on two figures bicycling alongside a body of water, Li Dous Konsa captures a serene, quotidian moment in time, as a way of challenging centuries-old, negative depictions of Black people around the world. One of the figure’s hair glides through the wind as the couple cruises through a grassy field lined with yellow and white flowers, in a deliberately carefree manner intended to highlight positive histories of the global African diaspora. In an homage to the Haitian song that this work borrows its title from, the other figure dons a blue, red, and white outfit that mirrors the colors of the Caribbean nation’s flag.

Marcus Brutus - Li Dous Konsa - 2023

Marcus Brutus - Li Dous Konsa - 2023
Medium: Archival pigment print

Size: 24 x 18 inches
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Price: $ 550

This Marcus Brutus edition will be available Tuesday, November 14th from Art for Change. 

For this edition, Brutus will also hand embellish twenty prints by using acrylic paint to add new details and color combinations.