Mariana Castillo Deball print – Tamoanchan Tree *SOLD*

Mariana Castillo Deball, Tamoanchan Tree, 2013.    SOLD OUT

Mariana Castillo Deball, Tamoanchan Tree, 2013.Chisenhale Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Mariana Castillo Deball: What we caught we threw away, what we didn’t catch we kept. To accompany the exhibition Deball has made a new limited edition lino print on cotton paper, titled Tamoanchan Tree, 2013. The image is loosely based on a depiction of the Tamoanchan Tree taken from the Laud codex - an ancient Aztec manuscript depicting animals, gods and monsters alongside dates and astronomical markers.

Tamoanchan is a mythical location believed by the people of the Mesoamerican cultures of central Mexico to be the place of origin, where humans were made and time began. The tree holds many different symbols, commonly it is depicted severed, either lacerated or bifurcated. From the cut flows blood and jewels, symbolising the most prominent and overarching mythical theme across all Mesoamerican civilizations: The separation and balance of forces, such as life/death, hot/cold, dry/wet.

Here Castillo Deball uses the simple graphic method of mono lino printing and reinterprets the historical legacy of the Tamoanchan tree. The exhibition itself is preoccupied with trees as much as reflecting on the agency of objects and their shifting status across cultures, disciplines and time, focussing our attention on how our image of different cultures is determined by the filter of objects.

Medium: Lino print onto Zerkall offwhite rough 145gsm paper,
Size: 52 x 39.5 cm
Edition: 30 + 5AP
Signed and numbered
Special launch price: £195 (unframed)
Chisenhale Friends' price: £175.50 (unframed)

This limited edition Mariana Castillo Deball print is available at Chisenhale Gallery here