Mark Flood edition – Miami Beach LIKE

Mark Flood, Miami Beach LIKE, 2012.

Mark Flood, Miami Beach LIKE, 2012.Bring the social media "LIKE" into the real world. Ubiquitous in Miami during the 2012 art fair season, Flood's sign is intended to "illuminate the enslavement of the human race by Facebook." Flood created 406 corrugated plastic LIKE signs for distribution in Miami, but set aside a batch of 80 for Exhibition A. These limited-edition signs are SOLD AS-IS; all have been customized and handled by the artist. A few lucky customers will receive signs featuring Flood's beach-themed drawings next to his signature (see photos for examples). These signs will be distributed randomly; not all signs have drawings.

Medium: Corrugated plastic (coroplast).
Size: 23.5" x 17.25"
Limited edition: 80
Unframed and un-numbered.
Signed and dated by the artist on back.
Price: $250

Mark Flood, Miami Beach LIKE, 2012.Mark Flood, Miami Beach LIKE, 2012.






This limited Mark Flood edition is available at Exhibition A here