Markus Amm – Tape *EXPIRED*

Markus Amm, Tape, 2010.  EXPIRED

Markus Amm, Tape, 2010.For six weeks, each Friday, The Deutsche Guggenheim is presenting you one of their limited editions as a special offer. These editions can be ordered for a special price until February 17, 2013. This as a -as they say- “Thank you for 15 years companionship”. What a great gesture! This is their 4th special priced edition in the series of six.

In his edition "Tape" which Markus Amm developed especially for the "Color Fields" exhibition, the color fields do not result from a painterly, "creative" act, as it were, but apparently from the traces of applied and then partially torn-off tape as it is more likely used to pack up pictures.

The utilization of cheap materials such as tape or ballpoint pens is just as typical of Markus Amm´s work as the imperfect processual character of "Tape". Paradoxically, precisely this draws "Tape" astoundingly close to the efforts of color field artists such as Gene Davis or Frank Stella to achieve a corporeal color art.

Medium: Screen print,
Size: 49 x 42,5 cm
Edition: 25
Signed and numbered,
Special price: Expired (Normal price: € 500)

This limited edition Markus Amm print can be ordered at The Deutsche Guggenheim