Martin Boyce – Remembered Skies

Martin Boyce - Remembered Skies - 2018

Martin Boyce - Remembered Skies - 2018The limited edition Remembered Skies, 2018 was produced by Martin Boyce as an edition of 50 on the occasion of Remembered Skies, the installation outside the Clore Gallery at Tate Britain.

Tate Britain’s Clore Gallery is home to the world’s largest collection of JMW Turner’s work, including a large-scale free display of over 100 paintings, as well as thousands of sketches and watercolours.

Both the installation and the limited edition consist of the words ‘Remembered Skies’, one spelled out in lights across a paved terrace, the other silkscreened on pages of ‘The ‘Skies’ Sketchbook, J.M.W. Turner. With some letters upside down or on their side, the constellation of tumbling shapes deliberately slows down the act of reading. The viewer has to piece together the phrase by walking and reading the work from different angles.

Talking about the development of this new commission, Martin Boyce said: ’The phrase Remembered Skies came about through Turner’s paintings. While watching a documentary on Turner the question of composition was raised and how Turner would at times construct his compositions by moving mountains, repositioning trees and the framing of buildings. For his skies the constant changing conditions of clouds and light would necessitate a composite of the seen, imagined and remembered’.

Medium: Silkscreen on ‘The ‘Skies’ Sketchbook, J.M.W. Turner (2 page spread)
Size: 13.5 x 51 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 500

This limited edition Martin Boyce edition is available at Tate

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