Martin Creed ‘No. 2342’

Martin Creed, No. 2342, 2015

Martin Creed, No. 2342, 2015Martin Creed's new edition Work No. 2342 is made up of 100 different prints. They are all composed of the same three brushstrokes but each has been printed using a unique combination of colours. The three brush strokes are based on a system of proportional size and an equal overall area of colour compared to blank paper. Such systems and rules, often simple and sometimes seemingly arbitrary, are invented by the artist as a way of self-generating meaning and have proved to be a highly productive way of working. These prints relate closely to his ongoing body of paintings consisting of varying numbers of regulated, geometric brush strokes - some entirely minimal and some relatively effusive. It almost seems that he returns to the source of handcraft to investigate what a brush and some paint on a painting can do. While this results in a series of artful experiments, with an aesthetic and joyful end result, the work is ultimately about choices and possibilities and how you go on making art by making choices or not.

Medium: 3 colour lithographic print on 300 gsm Somerset paper
Size: 40 x 40 cm (15.7 x 15.7 in)
Edition of 100 unique prints
Signed, numbered and dated by the artist
Price: €2,500

These limited edition Martin Creed prints are available at Counter Editions