Matias Faldbakken – Matias Faldbakken, Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.), 2012  – *SOLD*

Matias Faldbakken, Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.), 2012     SOLD OUT
To accompany ICA exhibition Remote Control , Matias Faldbakken has created five unique works. Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.) 1-5 are a continuation of the artists' 'container' works previously involving wardrobe lockers, VHS cassettes, liquor bottles, newspaper vending machines and empty Marshall cabinets.
Series of 5 unique works
Marker pen on printed plastic bag
60 x 55 cm
Price:   SOLD OUT
The bags are printed with cropped newspaper images which the artist then further works on with an abbreviated text drawn sketchily with marker pen. In this case the ‘writing’ says B.F.

You can order this edition at ICA here