Matthew Day Jackson ‘Lunar Reflection’

Matthew Day Jackson, Lunar Reflection, 2014

Matthew Day Jackson, Lunar Reflection, 2014Matthew Day Jackson’s work employs a wide range of tools, techniques and materials to give form to the past as it embedded in the present and the present as it is embodied in the past. Jackson often uses his own body—broken down into its constituent parts, reassembled using different materials—as a focal point or epicenter for the work he creates, which expands outward to situate itself in a vast web of references and allusions to history, art, and technology. Jackson uses new technologies—rapid prototyping, MRI scans—alongside artisanal techniques such as woodwork and crocheting in order to layer materials and resonances in an almost geological way.

The source material for Jackson’s benefit print is a found poster featuring a photograph of the earth taken from the surface of the moon. Using a laser, Jackson has transformed the “face” of the earth by giving it the features of the far side of the moon. In effect the moon is doubled, so that the moon seems to be observing the moon. The laser etching creates a three-dimensional erosion that evokes the gnarled and pitted surface of the moon itself.

Medium: Laser-etched found poster heat-mounted to black Rives BFK
Size: 16 x 12 inches
Signed and numbered
Price: $1,000

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