Mel Bochner – Crazy (With Background Noise) *SOLD*

Mel Bochner - Crazy (With Background Noise) - 2018  SOLD OUT

Mel Bochner - Crazy (With Background Noise) - 2018Crazy (With Background Noise) is Mel Bochner’s newest Thesaurus work. A pioneer of Conceptual art, Bochner has used revised editions of Roget’s Thesaurus as a tool in drawings, paintings, and prints that force us to look at and reconsider the daily words and declaratives we use.  Part of the artist's newest body of work, this print places words in a new format using multiple directions and sizes.  Bochner’s high-gloss black enamel cut-out text overlays “offprints” or printer’s test sheets used for experimenting with colors and screens.  Printer Luther Davis collected variegated offprints from his Brooklyn workshop over a period of six months, from which Bochner selected his 30 unique base sheets.  The interaction of dropped-out lettering with each underlying composition yields myriad, high-impact visual effects that reveal the medium’s endless potential for experimentation.

This edition is generously donated by the artist and Two Palms to benefit International Print Center New York (IPCNY). The proceeds  support their artist-centered exhibitions and programming.

Medium: Screenprint with black enamel.
Size: 23 5/8 x 21 5/8 in.
Edition of 30 unique variants
Signed, dated and numbered
Price: $ 5,000

These unique Mel Bochner prints are available at IPCNY