Michael Craig-Martin – Globe *SOLD*

Michael Craig-Martin - Globe - 2015  SOLD

Michael Craig-Martin, Globe, 2015Globe, 2015 is a limited edition artwork by the artist Michael Craig-Martin. The work is a letterpress print on paper and was produced by Thumbprint Editions, London.

Line drawing permits the most precise sense of accuracy of any kind of drawing. The facts are laid bare with nothing fudged or obscured. The irony is that line drawing shares less with its subjects than any other method of drawing. There are planes, shadows, and colours in the objects I draw, but there are no lines. The lines I draw are my own invention.

Michael Craig-Martin’s work is typified by elegant restraint and conceptual clarity. In simple and direct visual language, Craig-Martin explores the mysterious relationship between objects and their images which he sees as the foundation of our perception of the world.

My drawings are accurately detailed but provide very limited information. For instance, my image of the globe does not show the continents or the oceans. Yet this does not make it difficult for us to see the object for what it is. On recognizing an image, each of us has the extraordinary capacity to assume the absent information without conscious effort. Each viewer brings associations from personal experience, preferences and aversions, from their own individual social, cultural and historical context. The simplest images can release unexpected depths of knowledge and memory.

Medium: Letterpress print on 225gsm Zerkall 902 Smoothe White Paper
Paper Size: 50 x 48.2 cm
Edition of 40
Signed and numbered
Printed by Thumbprint Editions, London
Price: £720  SOLD

This limited edition Michael Craig-Martin print is available at Tate