Mika Rottenberg – Cosmic Generator

Mika Rottenberg – Cosmic Generator I & II - 2017

Mika Rottenberg – Cosmic Generator I - 2017Mika Rottenberg – Cosmic Generator II - 2017

Mika Rottenberg’s work addresses the industrial production of capitalist commodities in an enigmatic and humorous manner. In her videos and installations, she reenacts production processes, revealing their hidden eroticism and absurdity. For the limited edition, Mika Rottenberg has selected film stills in which human beings disappear in the overflowing abundance of manufactured goods.

Medium: Two Stills from the video Cosmic Generator, 2017. Twelve color print with pigment ink on Baryte (Hahnemühle), bonded on alu dibond, hanging included,
Size: 30 x 52.5 cm  each
Limited edition of 15 copies  + 7 A.P. each
Signed and numbered
Price: € 950 each

This limited edition by Mika Rottenberg is available at Kunsthaus Bregenz