Mike Kelley – Aura Rosenberg – Collector’s Edition – Carmen. *SOLD*

Mike Kelley - Aura Rosenberg, Carmen, 1996. SOLD OUT

Mike Kelley - Aura Rosenberg, Carmen, 1996In each of the seventy photographs in her art project Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I? Aura Rosenberg works with a child and another artist. These three work together to produce, in a playful way, the individual portrait.

This Collector’s Edition stems from the collaboration involving Kelley, Rosenberg, and a little girl named Carmen. In this fascinating photo, the girl’s eyes and mouth are thickly made-up—a satirical comment on women’s make-up. She wears a purple evening gown that is much too big for her. Coquettishly, she brushes her hair out of her face, playing the role of the grande dame. She is exceptionally photogenic. At the same time, she appears vulnerable, almost neurotic, distanced from herself. Kelly has created a double-edge statement on the generally accepted image of femininity.

Medium: C-print in folder, with book
Sheet size: 49,6 x 61 cm
Image size: 42 x 50,9 cm
Limited edition of 20 + 5 a.p.,
Signed and numbered by Mike Kelley and Aura Rosenberg
Price: € 800

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