Mr Brainwash Spray Cans – April 2013 *SOLD*

Mr Brainwash, Spray Cans, 2013.   SOLD OUT

Mr Brainwash, Spray Cans, 2013.

Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a series of collectible spray cans today. Each spray can is made from iron and printed with an original label. Designed after a real spray can, the Mr. Brainwash spray can is empty and does not contain any paint or gas. The artwork is printed onto the can. Each can is hand finished with spray paint making each one unique. It will be available in 10 different colors plus 2 special editions in silver and gold. Each can will be signed, thumb printed, numbered and dated by the artist and will be sold in “as is” condition. Customers interested in purchasing the full set will receive the same edition number for each can.

Can measurements:  7 5/8 in x 2 5/8 in. x 2 5/8 in.
10 colors at Edition of 700  -  Price: $100
Silver Edition of 75  -  Price: SOLD OUT
Gold Edition of 50  -  Price: SOLD OUT

These limited edition Mr Brainwash Spray cans will be available today Thursday, April 11th, at 12PST here