Nathaniel Dorsky print ‘August and After’

Nathaniel Dorsky, August and After, 2012. Nathaniel Dorsky, August and After, 2012/2013. 

The Song Cave is very excited to celebrate the remarkable work of the preeminent American avant-garde experimental filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky with a limited-edition print, entitled August and After. The image is a still, chosen by Dorsky, from his film of the same name, made in 2012 after the passing of his two dear friends Carla Liss and George Kuchar. All proceeds from the sale of this print, donated by Nathaniel Dorsky to The Song Cave, go toward funding our future publications and events.

”In film, there are two ways of including human beings. One is depicting human beings. Another is to create a film form which, in itself, has all the qualities of being human: tenderness, observation, fear, relaxation, the sense of stepping into the world and pulling back, expansion, contraction, changing, softening, tenderness of heart. The first is a form of theater and the latter is a form of poetry.” - Nathaniel Dorsky

Medium: archival pigment print,
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (image size 4.5 x 6),
Edition of 50,
Stamped and numbered,
Price: $100

This limited Nathaniel Dorsky print is available at The Song Cave