New Art Editions recommends: a Texte zur Kunst special subscription

TEXTE ZUR KUNST stands for controversial discussions and contributions by internationally leading writers on contemporary art and culture. Alongside ground-breaking essays the quarterly magazine, founded in Cologne Germany in 1990 by Stefan Germer (†) and Isabelle Graw and published in Berlin since 2000, offers interviews, roundtable discussions and extensive reviews on art, film, music, market and fashion as well as on art history, theory and cultural politics. Since 2006 the comprehensive main section, each time devoted to a different topic, and selected reviews are published in both German and English.

With every issue internationally renowned artists support the magazine with exclusive artists’ editions.

Be aware that "Texte zur Kunst"-members are notified upfront on these quarterly artists' editions and thus stand first in line. This is why the most wanted editions nearly always sell out before they are published on their website.

As an artlover and collector myself I would strongly advice you to sign up for a yearly Texte zur Kunst special subscription. It costs only € 778 and covers your purchase of 4 "Regular artists' editions". A few times a year Texte zur Kunst also publishes "Special Artists' Editions". The purchase of one or more special arrtists' editions are not included in this special subscription.

Issue 86# "The Curators" will be issued June 4, 2012.  The two great new regular artists' editions are created by Nick Mauss and Thomas Ruff and a fantastic special artists' edition is created by Imi Knoebel. All three editions will also be available on June 4 2012 via the website of Texte zur Kunst here.

I would love to give you more info on these great editions upfront, but this just wouldn't be fair to the other Texte zur Kunst special subscription holders. Be wise, subcribe now and start collecting great art by internationally renowned artists, at really affordable prices.