New Chapman Bros., Emin & Miller prints *SOLD*

Jake & Dinos Chapman,The lisper lisps, the stutterer stutters, the dyslexic disleksiks I, 2014   SOLD

Jake & Dinos Chapman,The lisper lisps, the stutterer stutters, the dyslexic disleksiks I, 2014In this print, one of a set of four highly detailed lithographic prints by Jake & Dinos Chapman, the artists create images of both beauty and dumb horror, through a process of appropriation and fluid, sophisticated draughtsmanship. As the title suggests, The lisper lisps, the stutterer stutters, the dyslexic disleksiks I, II, III & VI depicts these characteristics as grotesquery using the schematic figurative images found in children's 'dot-to-dot' drawing books. Rather than realise the designed image, however, the artists have departed from their simple templates to create cartoonish animal and human forms in works that seem to synchronise the language of Art Brut, Surrealism, 'outsider art' and comic strips. By adopting a language of artistic redundancy, the artists have created four exquisitely drawn, highly worked coloured images that revel in their own humorous subversion and transgression.

Medium: 7 colour lithographic print on velin Arches 300 gsm cotton paper
Size: 27 3/16 x 39 3/8 in. - 67 x 100 cm (unframed)
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Price: SOLD

Tracey Emin, Further back to you, 2014   SOLD

Tracey Emin, Further back to you, 2014This polymer gravure print by Tracey Emin, an edition of 150, reflects the work of a mature artist who presents contemplative images of her own life with an unabashed honesty and candour. In this print, Emin uses her signature fluid and minimal line to create a figurative image, a self-portrait as classical reclining nude that is at once immediate and arresting. The work follows in this grand art historical tradition, relating, in particular, to the emotionally heightened work of Egon Schiele, but by painting herself Emin turns the notion of the objectifying male gaze on its head. Delicate and precise but with dark undertones as the figure's blacked-out face and emphasised shadows suggest, Further Back to You hints at the 'other': another person, an alter-ego or equally simply the artist herself. In this way, the print encapsulates Emin's trademark emotional, analytical reflection through the depiction of a thoughtful and poised moment of beauty.

Medium: Polymer Gravure on 300gsm Somerset Paper
Size: 20 x 16 9/16 in. - 50.8 x 42 cm
Edition of 150
Signed and numbered
Price: SOLD 

Harland Miller, Rags to Polyester, 2014  SOLD

Harland Miller, Rags to Polyester, 2014This Giclée print by Harland Miller is based on the artist's ongoing series of fictional Penguin book-cover paintings. In these works, Miller paints the old colour-block covers which were used by the publishing house to denote genres, inscribing his own name as author of books with enjoyably deadpan, funny titles. Miller depicts the books as three-dimensional, well-worn objects, synchronising notions of identification through ownership as well as the promise of fantasy in their two-dimensional image. While detached and conceptual they make reference to the language of Abstract Expressionism and present their graphic style and literary subject with an expressive painterly style. In this work, the book's title seems tinged with a kind of disco nostalgia, an enjoyably cynical note that suggests failed personal ambition and the reality of affordable glamour.

Medium: Giclee print on German etching 310gsm paper
Size: 37 3/8 x 29 1/2 in. - 95 x 75 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Price: £3,600  SOLD

This limited editions are available at White Cube

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