New editions by Bojan Sarcevic, Eva Marisaldi and Becky Beasly

Bojan Sarcevic, Square Root of 2, 2013.  

Bojan Sarcevic, Square Root of 2, 2013.The limited edition work Square Root of 2, 2013 was created exclusively for the Whitechapel Gallery to accompany Sarcevic’s work in the programme of shows from the Collection Sandretto Re Rebaudengo  at the Gallery (2012-2013). The Sandretto Collection is one of the most important collections in Europe and is featured in the  Whitechapel Gallery’s current programme of shows, making visible rarely-seen public and private collections.

Medium: Fine Art inkjet print, paper Museo Max,
Image size: 13 x 18cm,
Framed size: 30cm x 26cm x 2cm
Edition of 20
Signed on the reverse.
Price: £435  (Member's Price £391.50).
Prices include artist designed frame.

Eva Marisaldi, Polaroids I-IV, 2013 SOLD OUT

Eva Marisaldi, Polaroids I-IV, 2013.

Polaroid, 2013 is a series of engravings on aluminium plates.  They are each a reproduction – in  text - of a polaroid photograph, using the same format and dimensions as this now almost extinct photographic medium. The artist’s intention is that the text contained in each plate should evoke a visual experience, equivalent to that conveyed by a polaroid image.

The works are available to purchase both as single plates, or as a box set of four engravings.
Medium: Engraving on Aluminium Plate
Dimensions: 10 x 12 cm each polaroid
Edition of 10 box sets of 4 plates,  and 7 sets as individual prints,
Accompanied by a signed numbered certificate.
Price: £130 per print (Member's price: £117 per print)
Price: £495 per set of 4 (Member's price: £445.50 per set of 4)

Becky Beasly, Pear (Given I-II), 2013  SOLD OUT

Becky Beasly, Pear (Given I), 2013Becky Beasly, Pear (Given II), 2013

The prints 'Pear (Given I)' and 'Pear (Given II)' were created for the Whitechapel Gallery by Becky Beasley, and halves of two autonomous photographs from the larger body of work which formed the 2013 UK touring exhibition, Spring Rain 1. They are not solely proposed as a pair of works, rather the artist’s intention is that they can also be collected individually so that the collector’s choice can become part of the work.
The images of the objects are on a 1:1 scale with the original objects and the word ‘given’ in the title is a specific reference to Marchel Duchamp’s last work of the same name: Étant donnés, 1946-66.

Medium: Silver Gelatin  print on Ilford Neutral Matt Fibre Base.
Paper size: 50.4 x 40.5 cm.
Image size 39.3 x 33.2 cm.
Edition of 25 pairs, or 50 single prints
[available as singles or pairs],
Signed on the reverse
Price £275 per print (Member's price: £247,50)
Price the pair: £495  (Member's price: £445,50)

These limited editions are available at Whitechapel Gallery here