New editions by Julie Mehretu and Jorinde Voigt *SOLD*

Julie Mehretu, Untitled (pulse), 2013.  SOLD OUT 
Julie Mehretu, Untitled (pulse), 2013.In the present work, Mehretu no longer extrapolates her forms from such representational and organizational tasks. Rather, she creates what could be called a community of lines. Fine straights reminiscent of vector graphics, feathery marks that recall the hairs of wheat or the wings of birds, curves and semicircles create a zone in which line generates space, inscribes surfaces, traverses other lines, and even produces a delicate palette of white, blue, gray, and brown. This field is surrounded by a white border, a negative cache where all tracing breaks off into blankness. The sheet on which these lines must have been positioned before printing originally ended here, or it extended the field which we now see, but has been cut. This faintest of cliffs now manifests itself in the print of this edition as the edge at which all lines disappear.

Medium: Four color lithograph
Size: 58.42 x 71.12 cm
Edition size: 100 + 30 A.P.
Numbered and signed on the front

Jorinde Voigt, Situationsstudie IX, 2013   SOLD OUT
Jorinde Voigt, Situationsstudie IX, 2013Jorinde Voigt’s edition for TEXTE ZUR KUNST is taken from her “Situation Studies,” in which she records specific moments in the day-to-day operation of her studio: in this instance, a conversation in the studio kitchen, with a bouquet of lilies in the background. She first draws the outlines of what she sees in the colors of the various objects and then undertakes a nuanced study of the palette (the light gray of the shirt, the red of the lilies) in parallel lines that coalesce into wider bands, producing an autonomous elaboration of the basic forms she has created; finally, arrows and labels examine the general as well as specific motion of things. In a structural reenactment of the patterns that underlie our orientation in the world, she analyzes the conditions of our experience and renders them perceptible as an aesthetic form in its own right.

Medium: Ditone print
Size: 76 x 56 cm
Edition size of 100 + 20 A.P.
Numbered and signed on the front
Price:  SOLD OUT

These limited editions are available at Texte zur Kunst