New Matthias Weischer and Annette Kelm prints

Annette Kelm, Untitled (TZK), 2013   SOLD OUT
Annette Kelm, Untitled (TZK), 2013.For her new edition Untitled (TZK) for TEXTE ZUR KUNST Kelm photographed tulips and horseshoe magnets in front of black-and-white vertical stripes. Unlike the monochromatic backdrops common in object and still-life photography, the iridescent striped fabric takes center stage, becoming a motif in its own right. Meanwhile, the magnets, whose place is usually in a physics class, have lost their function. Like the flowers protruding into the picture, they are subordinate to the typographical arrangement. The playful combination demonstrates that Kelm’s negotiation of questions about image and object is never fraught with gravitas.

Medium:  C-Print
Size: 25.3 x 30.9 cm
Edition: 100 + 20 A.P.
Numbered and signed on the back
Price: € 290  SOLD OUT

Matthias Weischer, Berg, 2013.
Matthias Weischer, Berg, 2013.Weischer, a painter, usually works on canvas, often in large formats, but for his edition for TEXTE ZUR KUNST a lithograph with the simple title Berg (Mountain), he chose a smaller medium – a sheet of paper. And Berg illustrates just such a shift of scale. As Weischer puts it, the geological formation in the foreground sits in the flat landscape “like a pebble.” In fact, the almost figurative feature operates on two scales simultaneously: As a counterpart to the massif rising in the background, it is unambiguously a “mountain”; as a self-contained rounded shape in the company of shrubs and trees that surround it and seem to perch on it (as though they had climbed it), it looks more like an erratic rock – large and small at once, it is part of the natural setting and yet already almost a figure in it. Weischer found the motif as he was traveling in the Alps and captured the “fleeting encounter” – again, his words – in a drawing. The lithograph records this volatile quality as well. A color gradient, from lime green to lilac to the ground’s pale orange rose, forms the backdrop for the scattered wavy white lines of the clouds and the almost inky black brushstrokes indicating fairly sparse vegetation. Although the motif is alpine, the mountain and its surroundings lack all monumentality and instead convey almost a sense of lightness.

Medium: Lithograph
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Edition of 100 + 20 A.P.
Numbered and signed on the front
Price: € 290

These new Matthias Weischer and Annette Kelm prints are available at Texte zur Kunst