New Texte zur Kunst Editions – Dec 2016 *SOLD*

Oscar Murillo - Untitled - 2016  SOLD OUT

Oscar Murillo - Untitled - 2016Oscar Murillo’s multi-faceted practice includes elements of painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance. Travel, migration, labor, and trade figure as central notions, which the artist explores in depth, thinking through the specific historical and geographical contexts of these conditions; his own cross-cultural ties to London, where he currently lives and works, and Colombia, where he was born (1986), factoring in.For his edition for TZK, Murillo has created unique double-sided facsimiles, combining found images with energetic mark-making. Reflecting a variety of key motifs in his work – from the game of bingo to international travel – Murillo also utilizes, in this series, photographs from “Them,” a unique 2015 artist book, which documented, via photographs from the 1970s to the present, the lives of the artists’ family and friends in Columbia and the UK. As art is rarely bound to any single material object in Murillo’s practice, so too does “Them” have an expanded life beyond its initial presentation. The artist takes editions of the publication on his travels, intervening with new marks on its printed pages, rendering the publication part historical document, part travel journal, and part practical illustration of layering techniques and the centrality of mark-making within his work. It is this same approach that can be seen in this edition for TZK: source material combined with an index of the artist’s own hand, eloquently communicating the experience of living within the contemporary, globalized world.Medium: Unique facsimiles, printed double sided, each one in a folder,
paper size: 27.7×20.6 cm,
folder size: 26.5 × 32 × 3.3 cm,
Edition of 24 + 2 A.P.,
Numbered and signed on label,
Price:  € 1,900 

Cosima von Bonin - George - 2016   SOLD OUT

Cosima von Bonin - George - 2016Upon the editorial board’s request, Cosima von Bonin, for this Texte zur Kunst edition, has kindly revived one of her classic motifs: the Mushroom. In recent years, von Bonin’s oversized figures – characters such as the Sloth Rabbits and a host of different Crustaceans – have appeared like ideal museum occupiers, presented as they often are languishing on furniture. All along, the Mushroom has been germinating in them, taking slothfulness a notch further. At first glance, von Bonin’s well-known stuffed animals look like children’s toys. Closer inspection reveals them to be unsuitable for underage audiences. Sometimes friendly and sometimes not so friendly at all, these memes of creative production and the networks that sustain them may also be read as symbols of a “shadow economy” (of art). This specimen, sized to be cuddled, is a case in point. Circulated as an artist’s edition, it weaves another strand into the nexus of art, friendship, and economic relations.

Dressed in the colors of the “Laccaria amethystine” (aka amethyst deceiver) and covered in a plushy, arguably equally unpalatable material, the self-standing, approximately 16-inch tall piece is titled “GEORGE”. Those who purchase the edition are free to bend the work into shape as desired (a real DIY edition). The piece gestures toward Texte zur Kunst’s longstanding close relationship with von Bonin and her work: in its mushroom-form, the organism’s true size stays hidden from the collector, hinting at the artist’s and journal’s shared roots in 1990s Cologne.

Medium: Mohair velour, cotton wadding, fleece, leather, sand
height: 40 cm, diameter: ca. 29 cm,
Edition of 48 + 8 A.P.,
Numbered on the bottom, numbered and signed certificate,
Price: € 4500 (Delivery time: 6-8 weeks)

These limited editions are available at Texte zur Kunst