Olafur Eliasson – Little Sun Charge and drawing *SOLD *

From the Makers of Little Sun - Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen.  SOLD

Little Sun Charge 3D render, August 2015Now we're very excited to show you the next Little Sun: a solar mobile phone charger called Little Sun Charge. What is so great about solar technology is that it takes the sun – which is for all of us – and makes it available to each of us, no matter where in the world we are.

The sun nourishes, it connects and empowers. Using sunlight, Little Sun Charge directly connects us with each other through our mobile phones.  At Little Sun they are working tirelessly to make this solar technology available to as many people as possible, embedded in beautiful designs. 

What is Little Sun Charge?

A beautiful, high-performance handheld solar phone charger and light, designed by artist Olafur Eliasson. A work of art that works in life, a great solar energy product and a social business in one.

  • Offers a full smartphone charge from 5 hours of sunshine.
  • Works with all of your existing mobile devices and cables and uses a standard USB port.
  • Great for outdoor use. Hang it from your backpack and it will charge all day while you're out and about.
  • Phone charging and a solar light wherever you go, whenever you need it!

Become a solar ambassador and be one of the first to own a Little Sun Charge. Let’s bring this life-changing Little Sun Charge to YOU and to the people who live without access to energy through KICKSTARTER

Our highlights of the Kickstarter campaign


"I feel so energised by the resonance that the Kickstarter campaign has created so far, by all of you who want to share light and energy with the world as much as I do. The Solar Sketches I offered are now sold out, so I would like to offer a new group of original 'Charged by light’ drawings inspired by the sun – inspired by this global solar movement we are creating together." - Olafur.

Olafur Eliasson, Early Little Sun Charge sketchKickstarter supporters are offered a very rare chance, exclusive to Kickstarter, to own an original 'Charged by light' drawing by Olafur Eliasson (hand drawing, ink on A2 paper). A truly special chance to own a work by one of the world's most respected contemporary artists.
Limited to 25 unique works
Price: €1,600 per work
+ You will also receive an early-bird charger (regular price €120)
+ And of course you’ll  be thanked warmly for your hugest help in making Little Sun Charge a reality!

(Please note: your artwork will be posted to you asap and your Charge when it is complete in early 2016). 


Little Sun Charge prototype, August 2015. Photo: Inka Recke © Little Sun1 of 100 Little Sun Charges signed and scribbled on by Olafur!
Price: €120

+ Olafur will post a thank you video on your Facebook wall which will probably involve his parrot squawking in your honour!

You can find all information on Kickstarter