Oscar Tuazon – Working Drawing

Oscar Tuazon - Working Drawing, 2012.

Oscar Tuazon - Working Drawing, 2012.Artist’s book, reproduction of 210 drawings and a text by Oscar Tuazon, 19 x 23 cm, 256 pages, Xerox print, on Condat matt Périgord 115gr., cover front and back in clear glass 2mm, covered in linen cloth, Texlibris GTI, colour: steel 564, square spine, sewn and glued, wrapped in a sheet of ribbed Pop’Set Perle sealed with a self-adhesive strip, edition of 130, numbered and signed on the colophon, of which the 20 first copies contain one or several original drawings starting from page 229, plus 20 A.P. signed and numbered from I to XX.

Design: Pierre-François Letué, Paris. Printing: Tracts, Paris. Binding: Atelier Philippe Martial, Paris. Edition of the Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva, January 2012. ©2012 Oscar Tuazon and Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva.

Price: CHF 600.- without original drawings
Price: CHF 1ʼ800.- with original drawings

This limited Oscar Tuazon book edition is available Centre dʼédition contemporaine