Paulina Olowska – Slavic Goddesses Gloves

Paulina Olowska - Slavic Goddesses Gloves (design after Zofia Stryjeńska) - 2017

Paulina Olowska - Slavic Goddesses Gloves (design after Zofia Stryjeńska) - 2017On the occasion of Slavic Goddesses - A Wreath of Ceremonies (which ran Jan 26—Jan 28, 2017 at The Kitchen), Paulina Olowska has created a series of unique painted goddess gloves based on original designs by Zofia Stryjeńska. Proceeds from the sale of these works, made in a limited edition of 25, will support artists whose groundbreaking, genre-defying work appears at The Kitchen throughout the year.

These unique works are now available for pre-sale, to be delivered in spring 2017. Once purchased, works can be picked up at The Kitchen or shipped. If shipped The Kitchen will notify the buyer of associated packing and shipping charges.

Medium: Unique suede gloves, hand-painted by the artist and presented in custom box
Gloves created by Czeslaw Jamroźiński Marszalłkowska Street, Warsaw
Each glove ca. 5 x 8 inches, 12.7 x 20.3 cm
Edition of 25 + 2 AP
Price $2,500 + tax

This Paulina Olowska edition is available at The Kitchen NY

Zofia Stryjeńska was one of the most acclaimed artists in Poland during the period between the two World Wars. A multifaceted artist, she was a painter, muralist, graphic artist, book illustrator, as well as designer of kilims, toys, posters, stage sets, and costumes. After World War II and the subsequent institution of the Communist regime in Poland, she was systematically relegated to insignificance, her contribution to Polish art ignored. In fact, she was discredited because she refused to join the government-run Union of Polish Artists. The government's efforts were so successful that even today her contribution is considered minor. Yet, despite this treatment, the Communist government, without her permission, appropriated her paintings and illustrations of Polish subjects and folklore for mass-produced postcards, calendars, plate decorations, and other objects, and used her graphic designs for various commercial purposes.