Peter Doig – Tiger Fight

‘I wanted to have a rug made that would respond and refer to the magical Tibetan tiger rugs that were partly the inspiration for this project. It is terrifying how few tigers are left in the wild and the thought of them one day only existing in captivity is truly tragic. My imagery takes its tigers from an existing rug but adds a narrative that could be about a fight for survival or being made to perform in some grotesque circus with an abstracted human crowd looking on. The phenomenal craftsmanship and skill in the making of these rugs and the brilliant interpretation of my painting prior to this makes for a really collaborative endeavour.

Let’s hope that these efforts will have a little impact on the plight of these extraordinary beings that have in- spired so much art, literature and folklore since they were first encountered by mankind.’
- Peter Doig

Peter Doig - Tiger Fight - 2022

Peter Doig - Tiger Fight - 2022Medium: Hand-knotted, hand-spun, hand-dyed natural wool and silk.
Size: 200 x 165cm
Edition of 8 + 2 AP
Signed and numbered on label.
Price: £60,000

You can order this Peter Doig charity edition from Artwise.