Peter Fischli – Papierarbeiten, groß

Peter Fischli - Papierarbeiten, groß - 2020

Peter Fischli - Papierarbeiten, groß - 2020The series of unique originals that Fischli has conceived for Kunsthaus Bregenz consists of amorphous paper forms, laminated to a white support. Their edges are scorched. It is only on closer inspection that the differing color values of the assorted paper and the various, apparently random, shapes become apparent.

The series Papierarbeiten was created in spring 2020 in preparation for the exhibition in Bregenz. Larger scale counterparts can be encountered on the top floor of KUB, floating against its gray concrete walls, in a space flooded by daylight but where no sky or clouds are visible.

Medium: Paper in a Plexiglas frame,
Size: 42 x 51 cm
12 unique originals,
Price: € 4.800

These Peter Fischli works are available at Kunsthaus Bregenz