Pre-order the new M.M.S. portfolio

M.M.S. (Much.More.Shit.): a tribute to the 1968 mail art project S.M.S. (Shit.Must.Stop)

M.M.S. (Much.More.Shit.)Through the creation of M.M.S., Creator Projects aspires to continue the key ambition of the original S.M.S. project in making art widely accessible. Founded by NYC artist, collector and art dealer William Copley and artist Dimitri Petrov in 1968, S.M.S. was a magazine hybrid providing subscribers with a selection of high-quality artworks at a low cost. Delivering art through the mail provided the possibility of making contemporary art widely accessible to people at a low cost.During its 10 months of activity, 6 issues were published and more than 70 original artworks were produced.

M.M.S. #1 will be produced as a limited run of 1000 and will be available from May 2021.
It's sold for € 200 (excl. shipping) with a NEW edition artwork by each of these artists: Alexander Tovborg, Alicja Kwade, Daniel Buren, Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Jenny Holzer, Jeppe Hein, Katharina Grosse, Martin Creed, Monster Chetwynd, Nico Vascellari, Tania Bruguera and Tosh Basco (FKA Boychild).
The artworks span all possible media from sound, performance, sculpture and installation, among others.

The M.M.S. #1 box can be pre-ordered at Creator Projects

M.M.S. is a self-financed project, and Creator Projects will invest all the profits from the pre-sale in producing the artworks for the box. Further profits from the M.M.S.#1 portfolio’s sale will be reinvested in the next edition of M.M.S.#2 and their publishing house, Roulette Russe.