Prem Sahib – Outing *SOLD*

Prem Sahib, Outing, 2015  SOLD OUT

Prem Sahib, Outing, 2015A new edition to accompany Prem Sahib's solo show at the ICA Side On from 24 Sep 2015 to 15 Nov 2015.

Prem Sahib's works begin with an encounter - not only the recollection of specific, everyday experiences that could be sociable, sexual or confrontational, but, in parallel, the instigation of a choreographed interaction between viewer and the artwork. Sahib’s ongoing series of tiled column works have a distinctly anthropomorphic presence, enhanced by their collective title, ‘Watch Queen’ (gay slang for those who prefer to watch rather than have sex, or who keep watch on behalf of others); the cold, repellent tiled surface stands for warm, soft flesh. In his new edition for the ICA, Prem Sahib’s 'Watch Queen' is photographed in the park, seemingly awaiting a chance encounter.

Medium: Laser print on black paper
Size: 42 x 29.7 cm
Edition of 85,
Signed and numbered
Price: £350 (ICA Members £275)  SOLD OUT

This limited edition Prem Sahib print is available at ICA London