Private Sales – Maurizio Cattelan – L.O.V.E. (White)

Private Sales - Maurizio Cattelan - L.O.V.E. (White) - 2014

Maurizio Cattelan - L.O.V.E. (White) - 2014Maurizio Cattelan is a celebrated Italian artist who is renowned for facetious sculptures and installations that poke fun at popular culture, history, and religion in a manner that is at once irreverent and bitingly critical. The miniaturization of one of Cattelan's controversial public works, in this edition capture the artist's knack for black humor.

Cattelan captured the headlines with his record breaking auction sale of "Him," a statue of a kneeling, child-like Hitler, which fetched $17.2 million on May 8th 2016 at a Christie's auction. Also he has installed a fully-functional, 18- karat-gold toilet in a restroom at the Guggenheim Museum.

The original sculpture—officially titled L.O.V.E., an acronym of Libertà (freedom), Odio (hate), Vendetta (revenge), and Eternità (eternity) , 2010, but popularly known as "The Middle Finger"—was beautifully sculpted out of solid Carrara marble and displayed a stone’s throw from the former Borsa di commercio di Milano (Milan Stock Exchange).

The 1st run of this sculpture was released by Seletti at the Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy April 2014. It was produced in an edition of only 200 pieces and the sculpture was made of grey concrete and completely painted in white. The sculpture has the Seletti stamp on the bottom.

The 2nd run was released by Seletti in May 2015. It was produced in an edition of 1,800 pieces and was made of grey concrete. The sculpture has the Seletti stamp on the bottom.

Both editions come in a similar wooden box with exactly the same prints on it. The only difference in packaging, is that the white version and grey version have a different part number and barcode on the transparent sticker on the bottom of the wooden box.

Also there are some slight differences between the white and grey sculptures:
- though both sculptures have the same hight, the white version has a 0.5 cm lower base and a 0.5 cm higher hand than the grey version;
-  the hand of the white version is 0.7 cm wider than the grey version;
- the hand of the white version shows more veins on the front than the grey version.

Medium: 1:28 scale reproduction of L.O.V.E by Maurizio Cattelan installed in 2010 in Piazza Affari Milan - Italy. Concrete Sculpture, including its original wooden box.
Size: 7.1" x 7.1" x 15.8"  -  18cm x 18cm x 40cm
Edition of 200 (white)
Weight: Approx. 7,5 kg  (box included)
Stamped on the bottom.
Indoor and outdoor use.
Set price: €1.500

You can order this Maurizio Cattelan sculpture set at New Art Editions

Condition: As issued the sculpture has minor imperfections for the composition of the material. This white version has been painted white in a sloppy manner. All this was intended by the artist.
Provenance:  Acquired from the publisher by the present owner.
Location of the work: The Netherlands
Buyers premium: 0%
Buyer is responsible for the delivery of the work.
Duration of the sale: June 27 - July 11, 2019.

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