Rana Begum – Print 94

Colour, light and space are at play in this vibrant screenprint by Royal Academician Rana Begum. This edition grew from an ongoing series of spray paintings Begum has been developing over several years. Initially inspired by the paper used to test spray cans in the studio, the paintings contribute to the artist’s continued exploration into transparency, colour interaction and repetition. The result is an organic layering of colour and form that marks a departure from Begum’s previous language of ordered geometry and minimalism.

Adapting these paintings into screenprints, introduces order and intentionality into this process, pushing the work in a new direction. Print 94 continues an ongoing dialogue between order and chaos, the accidental and the intentional, that lies at the heart of Begum’s practice.

Rana Begum - Print 94 - 2023

Rana Begum - Print 94 - 2023Medium: Screenprint
Size: 61 x 44cm
Edition of 40
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 1,200

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