Richard Hawkins – Cash Trap

Richard Hawkins - Cash Trap - 2020

Richard Hawkins - Cash Trap - 2020Richard Hawkins’ practice spans sculptures, collages, digital art, drawings and paintings. His work, often focused on the young male form, navigates the taboos and pleasures of looking at the human body. His subjects span eons, continents and a variety of mediums; from Classical Greek sculpture to pop heartthrobs, Victorian-era literature and the paintings of great Symbolists.

For this edition Hawkins has used diversion safes shaped like books as his base, over which he has applied a bespoke collage-based appliqué. Having started making collage-based work, the medium, for Hawkins, has since become an analogy for looking and understanding. Here, the collage combined with the diversion safe, becomes a meditation on investment, collecting and money laundering, as well as that which we choose to hide.

Medium: Latex appliqué on combination-lock diversion safe
Size: 24 × 15.7 × 5.6 cm
Edition of 7
Price: £ 750
ICA Red Members: £562.50

This limited Richard Hawkins edition is available at ICA London