Ryan Gander – …and their integrity was uncompromising

Ryan Gander, …and their integrity was uncompromising, 2013.Ryan Gander, …and their integrity was uncompromising, 2013.

On behalf of his Capp Street residency, Ryan Gander created an exclusive limited edition for the Wattis; a puzzle that cannot be completed. The work relies on the spectator’s willingness to engage with both humor and frustration. The title of the work …and their integrity was uncompromising along with a handwritten note quoting Menelaus, May it keep the wolves in the hills and the women in out beds included in the image of the puzzle, offer nothing else but misleading – yet, unfettering and exciting – clues.

Medium: Incomplete jigsaw puzzle, with 33% of its pieces missing
Size: A3
Edition of 15 with 8 AP’s
Price: $ 1,000

This limited edition Ryan Gander multiple is available at CCA Wattis