Seth Price – Novemberabend *SOLD*

Seth Price, Novemberabend (November evening), 2008    SOLD OUT

Seth Price, Novemberabend (November evening), 2008The work of Seth price shows a computer screen with a keyboard. A thick cable connects the two devices which are in an almost mystical light. Instead of a standard keyboard, you can see the  jewelry pieces, which are illuminated by a spotlight. One gets the impression that you look on a commercial advertising of a jewelry manufacturer.

The large-format signature of the artist on the upper half of the image underlines this effect, because it could be seen as a brand name.

Medium: Inkjet print on canvas,
Size: 81 × 56 cm,
Edition: 19 + 5 AP,
Signed and numbered

You can order this Seth Price limited edition print at the Kölnischer Kunstverein

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